messy updo

So one of the reasons I haven’t blogged in so long might be because I have spent waaaaay too much time on Pintrest. If you haven’t heard of the online pin board, you should definitely check it out. There are so many great ideas for crafts, DIY things for the home and holidays, great fashion inspiration, and tasty looking recipes. There are so many things I want to try out, I just cannot find the time to do them all! Lately I have been looking at various hairstyles. I’ve been in a hair rut lately, sticking to the same 2-3 ways to do my hair on any given day. I was getting bored.

And then I found The Small Things Blog. Kate is a hairstylist and posts great tutorials, both video and picture-by-picture. Her hair is about the same length as mine (I feel like most people I know have hair that is WAY longer than mine), so her styles are totally doable for anyone with medium length hair or longer. I tried out her Messy Side Updo and here are my results!




What I really like about this hairstyle is that it doesn’t take very long (maybe 10 or so minutes the first time you do it), and before you pin your hair all the way up, she has you knot and pin your hair. That keeps it in place quite well, which I like because I have thick hair and it can take quite a few bobbies for my hair to stay in place at all. The knots create a solid base. I also love that it’s messy, so it’ll probably look a bit different every time and it makes it easier to do since perfection is not the goal.


One thing to note is that I curled my hair before I did this – actually, I curled my hair yesterday, and this way a great way to do my hair with falling-out curls from yesterday. If you like this, definitely check out Kate’s tutorial because she knows what she’s doing 🙂




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