ribbon trees

This year for Thanksgiving, I was enlisted to plan a family craft. I found some pictures of ribbon trees on pinterest (surprise, surprise) and decided that would be perfect! Without further ado. here’s how to make them.


Cardstock (8.5 x 11)

5-6 different types of ribbon

Hot glue gun

Pom poms or other tree toppers


Clear tape



1) Cut out a cone using the cardstock. The template that I used can be found here. I had to make it a little smaller so the cone shape was skinnier than the template (the ribbon will add volume to the tree).

2) Tape the cone firmly together. I taped the flap first, and then along the whole outside of the cone.

3) Determine the pattern you want to use with your ribbon. I chose to somewhat alternate the gold ribbon with colored/patterned ribbon.

4) Cut the ribbon into segments 2-3 inches long. Longer ribbon will create a fuller tree. I ended up cutting a few, gluing them on the cone, and then cutting more as needed.

5) Start gluing the ribbon on, starting with the bottom layer. I would suggest slightly overlapping the ribbon so that the cone underneath doesn’t show. You can see in my picture that I should have overlapped a little more.

6) Once the bottom layer is done, start on the next layer, following the same method as before. Do this until the ribbon layers reach the top. If you want a fuller look, place the layers closer together. (You can see that I used tape in my pictures – it didn’t work quite as well as hot glue would’ve.)

7) At this point, you can do one of two things. You could add another layer of ribbon so that it goes all the way up to the top of the tree, or you can wrap some ribbon around the top of the cone. I chose the latter. It was a bit difficult to get the ribbon to spiral nicely around the cone shape, but it ended up looking just fine.

8) Using a small dot of hot glue, stick the pom pom or other tree topper on top.

Overall, I loved doing this craft. It took me nearly an hour but I enjoyed doing it! It would be cute to make some taller trees and some shorter trees and set the up together. Happy crafting!




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